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IO Industries trade  Show update

It's been a busy few weeks for IO Industries! If you were able to visit us at either SPIE DCS or The Vision Show, thank you for stopping by! If you weren't able to attend, have a look below at what we had on display.

(London, ON) May 15, 2016 - Our new product announcement was the DVR Express Core 2 Max, a new addition to the evolving Core 2 family of uncompressed solid-state DVRs. This product was developed with the input of our customers, adding features into the design that previously required 3rd party hardware and often complicated connections and configurations. So far, the feedback we received at  recent shows has been very positive. We're still working on the final touches for this product so the "Preliminary" sticker will be removed soon and full product features and pricing will be available.

Below is a product overview of what was on display:

DVR Express Core 2 MAX

On display for the first time was our new DVR Express Core 2 Max. This model builds on the existing capabilities of the Core 2 series, allowing uncompressed recording from up to four Camera Link or CoaXPress cameras. With this model, full-speed CoaXPress cameras are now supported-with rates up to 2240MB/s! Up to 22.5TB of removable solid state storage can be installed, and we've integrated rugged removable cartridges for the VidIO Drive Modules to mount into, each allowing over 25,000 insert/remove cycles. In addition, the Core 2 Max models have an IRIG time code input (A/B, AM/DC - all formats supported) plus an optional GPS receiver. Lastly - a feature we've had lots of requests for - real-time video monitoring! Four 3G/HD-SDI outputs stream low-latency video of the incoming camera signals, regardless of the incoming frame rate, size or pixel type. FPGA-level video conversion means full 60fps video is shown with low latency, allowing remote viewing of high-speed, high-resolution, or even infrared cameras while recording takes place. Core 2 Max models still connect to a PC for operation and control, using our CoreView or Streams 7 software (or your custom programs built with our SDKs), but we will also be introducing a "Standalone" version shortly with a built-in PC module. This version will allow direct control via keyboard/monitor/mouse, or remote control via IP web server, including h.264 web streaming for remote viewing of live or recorded video clips.

Flare 12MP CoaXPress Camera

The 12M180-CX camera provides 12 megapixel imagery at up to 187fps, while also providing high-speed rates at reduced resolution (1000x1000 @ 1000fps). Using a 4-channel CoaXPress interface, this camera can be connected to a variety of PC-based frame grabbers or a DVR Express Core.

Flare 4KSDI

The first compact 4K/UHD camera head designed to fit where larger cameras cannot. Despite its size, this small form factor camera has the capability to deliver the high-quality imagery demanded by industry professionals. Other features include a global shutter CMOS sensor, interchangeable lens mounts, and 3G/HD-SDI outputs supporting up to 60fps.

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